Our Philosophy:

We believe that children learn through play and we provide many opportunities. We have created and environment and curriculum to meet each child's developmental needs including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.

We believe that a child's development is greatly enhanced through parental involvement in his or her care and education. Hope provides and encourages participation throughout the year.


Our goals:

  • Develop and nurture friendships
  • Foster each child's sense of wonder
  • Provide multicultural experiences and environments
  • Maintain a warm, safe and friendly environment
  • Focus and the beauty and wonder of nature
  • Encourage problem solving and cooperative play respect for each other, the world, our things and ourselves
  • Behavioral Guidance: We believe that children should make decisions, respect others, be aware of those around them, and play cooperatively. It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for these skill to develop. We encourage children in positive play and use gentle redirection and distractions when addressing behavioral issues.